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Turning Data into Dollars - Inte Q EPISODE 6, 2nd December 2020
Which Type of Loyalty is Right for Your Business?
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Which Type of Loyalty is Right for Your Business?

Customer loyalty programs can be an extremely powerful retention tool when designed and used correctly. Consider these statistics:

  • More than half of consumers find rewards “very” or “extremely” important to their purchase decisions.
  • Only 8% don’t find rewards important at all.
  • The right incentive can make 93% of customers switch brands, even if they were previously loyal to a competitor.
  • Up to 75% of customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase after receiving a reward.

Loyalty programs work, but they have to fit the brand. One size does not fit all. A rewards program needs to appeal to a company’s unique customer base, stand out among competitors in the market, and be profitable enough to justify the expense.

That’s why an effective loyalty strategy needs to start with analysis...