Episode 14: Maria Papavergos
Episode 418th July 2020 • Dentistry Talks • Dentistry
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On this week's episode, we speak to Dr Maria Papavergos, a dental surgeon and nutritional therapist.

We discuss the importance of the oral microbiome and how oral health is linked to a spectrum of lifestyle factors – and not just smoking and drinking.

With a significant spike in new lifestyle trends, Maria thinks dental teams are well placed to talk to patients about their choices – including diets such as veganism.

She believes these conversations could pave the way for better overall health.

Topics include:

  • Importance of oral health
  • Why oral health needs to be talked about
  • The oral microbiome
  • Impact of factors such as stress
  • Veganism
  • The marketing of unhealthy snacks
  • Yoga





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