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How Instagram Ads Could Save You Money With Meredith Kallaher
Episode 11430th September 2021 • Coffee and Converse • Diane Mayor
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Think Facebook ads are too complicated or risky in a post-IOS14 world? This simple strategy could help your business and save you money

Meredith Kallaher walks you through an Instagram ad strategy she uses with her clients to build know, like, and trust and save you money on conversions down the road.

Key Takeaway

IOS14 changed the ads landscape so while you need to be more strategic, it doesn’t need to be more complicated

We talk about

  • How the ads space has changed since the pandemic and IOS 14 update
  • The simple and effective Instagram story ad
  • The script for your video ad
  • The minimum budget to get you rolling
  • How this fits into your bigger ads strategy
  • Meredith’s lifestyle boundary for her business
  • The worst cookie-cutter advice Meredith’s been given on her business


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