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Grow Your Business with Authenticity with Adam Rosen
Episode 10710th August 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Adam Rosen is an entrepreneur that loves to support business owners and share his rollercoaster startup journey to help those on a similar path. From tech founder of an acquired startup to coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, to traveling the world building his lead generation business where he helps startups get more sales appointments hassle-free.

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Key Highlights:

[01:00 - 09:51]   Grow and Sell Your Business

  • Do not get your identity wrapped up in your business
  • Build your business to be sold from the start
  • Business growth is achieved by proper delegation, so you could focus on the more important aspect 

[09:52 - 14:20] Build Trust by Being Real

  • The difference between marketing and sales is marketing is about generating demand while sales are getting through the finish line
  • You don't need to conceal who you really are to market your business. People are more drawn to authenticity and can detect when you're not being real
  • Turn your haters to fans by being consistent and genuine
  • Avoid overpromising but underdelivering. That's when people lose trust in you.

   [14:21 - 23:42]   Set Your Business Up for Success

  • Cold email works if you're doing it right. Adam gets the majority of their client through this method
  • Avoid spammy-looking emails, be direct to the point
  • Less is more in sales. Keep it simple and clear especially if you cater to Gen Zs who have a short attention span. Details could sometimes create confusion
  • Three factors to be a successful engineer: 
  •  You have to have a grit 
  •  Be hyperfocus  
  •  Be a great salesperson
  • Sales is about building trust. People buy off emotions.

[23:43 - 33:59]  The Digital Nomad Life

  • Gen Zs have different characteristics from other generations, shaped by their experience and environment. This should be taken into consideration when adding them to the workforce
  • They value inclusivity, stability, and authenticity
  • Adam identifies himself as a digital nomad with employees working from anywhere in the world.
  • Traveling for work is not vacation. You have to learn how to take care of yourself, balance your time and manage your focus.

[34:00 - 35:45]  Closing Segment

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Key Quotes: 

“You need to build the systems to make your business a sellable asset, right from the jump.” - Adam Rosen

“But I see so many entrepreneurs, myself, I was included in that too, that just did all these tasks instead of building a repeatable system that another hire could implement for you. Because again, until you do that, that means you are the asset to your company versus your business being the asset versus the system being the asset. So those are the two biggest mistakes I constantly see. And again, we made as well.” - Adam Rosen

“Because when they do see to your point that you're consistent and that you're genuine, you will stick out from any crowd.”- Adam Rosen

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