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Football Is Family - Sports History Network EPISODE 8, 29th October 2020
Ken Riley II Interview (Son of Future Hall of Famer Ken Riley)

Ken Riley II Interview (Son of Future Hall of Famer Ken Riley)

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 I’ve had the opportunity to meet several of my favorite NFL players and coaches. Men like Frank Wycheck, Eddie George, Jeff Fisher, and Mike Vrabel top the list of the men I’ve had the chance to talk to and get pictures with. But what if your favorite NFL player was also your dad, or a relation to you? What then? Today, we are going to talk to Ken Riley II, a man whose father, Ken Riley, played cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals. While that is awesome in and of itself, that fact alone doesn’t paint the entire picture. The number 65 does. Join us today as we talk to Ken Riley II and see what makes football family to him. If you want to join us on this podcast and talk about what makes football family to you, you can reach me @jeremy_mcfarlin on Twitter, or at the Football is Family podcast Facebook page.

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