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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 32, 18th December 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Loren Elia, Honeybook
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Product Marketing Insider | Loren Elia, Honeybook

On Product Marketing Insider this week we got together with Loren Elia, Director of Product Marketing at Honeybook and experienced PMM to take a deep dive into the world of product marketing, what it looks like at her company, why and how she got into the role, her hopes for the future of the org, top three skills that have influenced her career, tips for aspiring PMMS, and tons more.


"(To a new product marketer) I'd say, just go for it, if you're contemplating doing it, go for it, do it, it's a great career, it's lots of fun, it's super rewarding. So do it. The second one, I would say is, to know your basics. Know your basics about marketing, have your marketing basics really down. Know your four P's, your five S's all that so that when you come into a company, you're able to bring value to that company, almost immediately. All of that value comes from really having your foundations firm."