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Soft skills by any other name....
Episode 3511th January 2021 • The Art of Leadership • Dr. Niña Ellison
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Soft skills by any other name.... are still as powerful!

In the English language there are some misnomers that make you shake your head…. Words like:

·     gravy train – that have nothing to do with gravy or with trains but rather a source of easy money that has most likely not been worked for. 

·     the red panda, a raccoon that is found from the Himalayas to China that has nothing to do with Pandas…

·    the fact that now there is no coat in coat of arms, and neither are there arms as a coat of arms refers to some type of symbolic emblem.

·     killer whales – one of the largest species of dolphins that are not killers…or whale sharks, gentle giants that, while vastly intimidating when swimming next to them as I can testify, feed on plankton and their name of whale plus shark seems misleading.

When I think about misnomers, I have to tell you that Soft Skills also comes to mind. There is nothing soft about soft skills. In fact, they ARE some of the hardest skills you will ever seek to acquire. 

Understanding the depth of soft skills involves a deeper awareness of the driving force within us that leads us to add value and meaning to ourselves and to others. This driving force delivers the “How To” in your development of soft skills as a healthy leader.

Are you looking to grow in this area of your leadership? Looking for a leadership coach? You can reach me at to set up a call.


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