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S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 4 - Singleton Newman
Episode 426th January 2022 • S.T.A.R.V.E. TALK • J Haleem
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Episode Description - 

Singleton Newman and J Haleem have a long-standing relationship of more than 15 years, initially meeting when she and J Haleem were both in the music & entertainment industry. In this interview, they speak candidly about Singleton’s new career as a social media manager, the creation of her social media management agency, New Hope Digital, and her best advice for creating brand awareness. 

Show Notes - 

1:24 - J Haleem welcomes Singleton to the show 

2:54 - Singleton introduces herself & her company, New Hope Digital 

6:24 - Singleton speaks on the importance of being approachable from her days in radio 

8:37 - Singleton speaks on the transition from being a radio host to working with artists solo 

10:42 - J Haleem speaks on the importance of artist’s understanding the business of music 

12:30 - The importance of investing in yourself 

16:14 - Who’s in your corner? 

23:16 - Singleton speaks on doing it afraid and the importance of moving through fear 

25:18 - J Haleem shares the why of entrepreneurship, creating opportunities for others 

32:05 - Singleton shares her advice for those working in traditional industries, i.e., government contracting and social media 

43:49 - Why Clubhouse and other apps such as Twitter Spaces & Facebook Rooms are important 

46:09 - Are you New Hope’s Digital Ideal Customer for 2022? 

52:53 - Importance of setting boundaries/Rules of Engagement for Clients 

55:37 - J Haleem speaks on playing the way you practice 

57:18 - J Haleem gives Singleton her flowers & thanks her for being a guest

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