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Modern Wealth Management - Episode 9 (What is Crypto Currency?)
Episode 94th January 2022 • Modern Wealth Management • Darrick Hutchens and Ray Kramer
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In the latest installment of Modern Wealth Management, Darrick and Ray welcome Greg Johnson, CEO of Rubicon Crypto, onto the show to highlight the ever-changing nature of crypto currency.

Given the buzz surrounding crypto currency as we roll into 2022, Greg addresses a handful of frequently asked questions and why it can be a valuable tool within the wealth planning toolkit.

This episode is jam packed with helpful information that you won't want to miss! So sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought-provoking conversation.


0:06 - Overview on the topic and the guest featured on today's episode

1:45 - Darrick and Ray launch into the discussions surrounding crypto with their clients

5:05 - Greg Johnson joins the show and gives a high level overview on crypto currency

14:40 - The uncertainty surrounding this topic

22:13 - Technology's role in crypto currency and what to consider here

28:10 - How Bitcoin is still in its infancy

37:53 - How much should someone consider investing into crypto currency?

45:48 - Compliance and regulation's place within crypto currency

52:50 - Recapping the most important points surrounding crypto currency for interested investors

56:00 - Closing remarks

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