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Decisions: How the Moab Police Dept. Got Things Wrong in the Gabby Petito Case & the Story of Daniel Kublbock
Episode 494th October 2021 • How Did We Miss That • How Did We Miss That?
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Hey, welcome back to an all new episode of HDWMT! We sincerely apologize for leaving you high and dry last week. It seems life got the best of us and we just didn't have the time to put together the quality show you all have come to expect.

This week, Christine tells the story of German Singer, Daniel Kublbock, who disappeared from a cruise ship in 2018. Seriously you guys, WTF is going on with these cruise ships?! Later, John shares his perspective of how the Moab Police Department committed gross negligence in their interaction with Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie, and how they could have prevented her alleged murder.

Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate you! For more on these stories, you can find us at @howdidwemissthat on Instagram & Facebook. Keep your head up and look out for each other...