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Secure by Design - A Cyber Security Innovation Special with Vivek Bhandari, Senior Director, VMware
Episode 1610th March 2022 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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A Security Imperative! New research has shown that cybercrime costs are poised to grow by 15 percent per year over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion dollars annually by 2025. Heightened risk alongside endpoint choice, flexible workstyles and applications everywhere means that the once traditional, established trust boundaries that use perimeter security simply no longer exist. Endpoints are not “yours” anymore. Indeed, for reasons explored in this episode, a combination of vectors has now created a 'perfect risk storm'.

It could therefore not be more timely to unpack these challenges - but equally move beyond these to the support that is available right now to counter the threats. And to do exactly this I am delighted to be joined by Vivek Bhandari, Senior Director of Product Marketing | Networking & Security at VMware.

In particular we focus on the expanding risk landscape including threats to the operating system in multi-cloud environments and addressing these through embedding ongoing Zero Trust practices, alongside the importance of continual learning, supporting ease of security management and fostering diversity within Cyber Security teams. It's a truly dynamic discussion!

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