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5 Beliefs That Destroy Your Confidence
Episode 1111st September 2021 • Teen Catalyst • Ken Eash
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Today I want to talk about 5 limiting beliefs that destroy your self-confidence. I talk a lot about confidence, because that is something that a lot of teenagers tend to really struggle with. If you can learn to reframe the things you say by looking at the inverse of the limiting belief, then your life will be so much better.

Here are the 5 main limiting beliefs that destroy your self-confidence:

  1. Having a poor body image
  2. Feeling the need to alter your mental state
  3. Believing that you're not worthy of love
  4. Living in fear of rejection
  5. Believing that you will never be able to achieve your dreams

Create the belief in your mind that you WILL succeed. When you squash the hope of going after your dreams, your confidence will take a hit, and in turn will affect almost every area of your life.

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