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Episode 481 – Turn It Loud Because… Oh, You Wore One Too
Episode 4834th March 2024 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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We continue with our OU812 rankings. (0:55) We touch on lyric writing, James Brown, if the Sammy era songs had happened during Dave’s era, just how amazing Darby Mills is and the greatness of Chilliwack. (9:08) Todd talks shop about Kramer and Steinberger guitar, locked tremolos and other Eddie gear. (19:52) What about Eddie and Sammy’s clothing choices during 5150? (26:32) And what famous shirt did Sean wear hoping people think he was as cool as Michael Anthony? We answer the question (likely incorrectly) of what exactly is the Pleasure Dome and why is Alex so amazing? (33:12) Can Todd and Sean execute poor Sammy lyrics better than Sammy? (44:24)

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