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Discover Culinary Passion: Join Maudie Schmitt's Journey from New Orleans Roots to NWA Restaurant Success
Episode 2518th January 2024 • I am Northwest Arkansas • Randy Wilburn
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About the Show:

"You have to grab onto those ideas that come to you and make them happen.” 

 - Chef Maudie Schmitt

Embark on a flavorful journey with Chef Maudie Schmitt, as we delve into her inspiring transition from a childhood filled with the rich culinary culture of New Orleans to becoming a celebrated restaurant owner in Northwest Arkansas.

Early Influences in New Orleans

Maudie Schmitt's path to restaurant ownership began in an environment rich in culinary tradition. Raised above her parents' restaurant in New Orleans, she was constantly surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of a busy kitchen. This early exposure not only instilled in her a profound appreciation for food but also sparked her lifelong passion for cooking.

Learning and Exploring Culinary Skills

From a young age, Maudie absorbed the essence of cooking at home. She learned vital techniques and understood the significant impact they had on each dish. This period was crucial in forming her foundational culinary skills, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

A Journey Through Education and Catering

Despite pursuing a career in education, Maudie's love for culinary arts never diminished. She utilized her summer breaks to start a catering business, further sharpening her skills as a chef. This experience played a pivotal role in her continued growth in the culinary world.

The Birth of Cafe Rue Orleans in Northwest Arkansas

Ultimately, the allure of the restaurant industry proved irresistible. Together with her partner Carla, Maudie embarked on a bold venture, opening their restaurant, Cafe Rue Orleans, in Northwest Arkansas. The establishment is a fusion of Maudie's rich New Orleans heritage and Carla's organizational skills, creating a unique dining experience.

A Testament to Passion and Authentic Cuisine

Today, Cafe Rue Orleans stands as a testament to Maudie's dedication and love for authentic cuisine. Her journey from a curious child in a New Orleans kitchen to a successful restaurant owner in Northwest Arkansas exemplifies the power of passion, determination, and the enduring love of food.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.

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