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Mavericks Do It Different Podcast – EP 29- Richard Schrieber
Episode 296th July 2022 • Mavericks Do It Different Podcast • Paul Finck
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Welcome to the Mavericks Do it Different Podcast with Paul Finck! 

Where we highlight how to step up and 💫Dare to live the life of your dreams by approaching life and business differently. ⚡️I am your Host Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire ®

👉 Our guest for Episode 29 is Richard Schreiber of “Vol 4 of Be a Success Maverick”. 

Listen up! We have a lot to share with our listeners!💥

Listen in on this podcast to hear about:

The purpose of parenthood

How to focus on the reward in parenting and what that is

The answers for the autistic community and how to join Richard's mission

Richard is the co-founder of the New York City Autism Community Group which has a Facebook following approaching 500. They help other families with children on the autism spectrum find information, solutions, and support through small-scale events and our online presence.

👉Learn more about Richard's life journey by reading his chapter in the book & go to the link below to read his author page!