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The Sales Architect: Creating a Winning Sales Blueprint (Lee Salz)
Episode 2228th September 2023 • Dugout CEO with Casey Cavell • Casey Cavell
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Join us in this episode as we welcome sales expert and author Lee Salz. Discover how to differentiate yourself from competitors, create memorable experiences, and build strong relationships with customers, prospects, and employees.

Lee emphasizes the importance of a prescriptive sales approach, asking strategic questions, and teaching others to replicate successful strategies. Learn about the "target client profile" and how it can help you focus on those who will truly benefit from your offerings.


  • The importance of a well-defined sales process and the challenges businesses face in implementing it
  • The need to hire the right salespeople with the potential to excel in specific sales roles
  • The significance of creating a playbook to replicate sales success and enable effective training for new hires
  • The role of sales onboarding in bridging the gap between potential and actual performance for salespeople
  • The unique skill set required for effective sales management and the need to provide sales leaders with the necessary tools and training

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