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Welcome to What's Art Got to Do With It?
Episode 18th April 2021 • What's Art Got to Do With It? • Deb Ondo and Lauren Kleciak
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I’m Deb Ondo – this is What’s Art Got to Do With It? My new podcast about aesthetic experiences and approaches to art and life.

I do marketing and communications and I’m an oil painter – picked up the brushes again after a long dry spell when the initial COVID pandemic pause changed all of our lives in 2020.

As I ramp up my fine art business, I’m talking with artists and others about the creative process and what it means to live a more conscious and creative life.  

No subject is off limits

We have fun.

Go deep.

Above all else - we keep it real.

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In the spirit of living a more aesthetic life --- stay curious and keep asking, what’s art got to do with it?