#04: Chris Brown - Showing Up for Dads
Episode 44th December 2020 • How Humans Work with Jef Szi • Jeffrey Szilagyi
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In Episode #04, Jeffrey welcomes Chris Brown from the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) for an in-depth look at why fathers matter and how Father Absence adversely impacts children, mothers, and society.

As an expert in building-up men and transmitting fathering know-how, Chris generously walks us through not only the problematic outcomes that arise when dads aren’t actively and holistically involved in the lives of their children, but what he, as the president of NFI, and others are doing to alter the course of lives of men and by extension their families and communities.

In this episode we get a look at the backbone of social good happening in America and the way supporting father’s is an essential ingredient in the larger effort of Family Strengthening Work. We also learn how NFI collaborates with local organizations and agencies to deliver facts, resources, and training to improve the fathering support wing of their services.

Along the way, we talk about race and gender dynamics as they pertain to fatherhood, as well as hear Chris open up about the failed All-American moment between him and his own dad that led, in part, to Chris dedicating the past two decades of his life to helping dads be better dads.