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Powerful Questions to SHIFT Any Situation
Episode 386th April 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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This episode is full of LIFE Changing gems! Today I am opening up my arsenal of secret ‘weapons’ with you… the power of ASKING and asking the RIGHT Questions at the right time. 

Here’s why:

If you ask yourself a Wise + Powerful question,  you’ll get a Wise + Powerful response. 

If you ask yourself expansive questions rooted in abundance, you’ll get responses and solutions that OPEN up possibility and potential. 

The same is true the other way.  If you ask a poor question you’ll get a poor answer.

One that makes you MORE confused, frustrated, contracted.. You get the point.

Todays’ invitation is to activate renewed vision inside you by mastering the art of asking questions. 

I also address why it’s KEY to ask questions, vs telling others and yourself what to do/think/feel. 

In this Episode I Unpack:

  • 10 Powerful Self Reflection Questions 
  • The ENERGY behind the questions we ask
  • Moving into a place of CURIOSITY + EXPLORATION
  • Tuning into what is coming up for you in your body + emotions
  • Does Seeking validation and security outside yourself really work?
  • CHOOSING how we want to experience the process. 
  • Tapping into what you REALLY want

Check out these timestamps!

6:12- The energy behind the questions we ask ourselves.

8:55-  Every time we hear a statement our brain automatically wants to agree or disagree.

10:24- Those who are Easy Triggered are Easily Offended + Easily Manipulated 

11:00- Moving into a place of Curiosity + Exploration 

13:08- What do I actually have control over? 

18:30- What if it gets to be an adventure- Anticipating a difficult situation

Until next time, Remember ...

You believe what you speak out loud.  Out of the heart speaks the mouth…. 

Are you speaking words that amplify your life or suck the life away? 

What’s INSIDE your heart these days?


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