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Should you start a podcast? One Year of the Podcast + Behind the Scenes
Episode 531st November 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Have you thought about starting a podcast? Or have you considered being a guest on podcasts to grow your business?

Today on the show I'm breaking down what one year of running and growing a podcast has looked like behind the scenes - and things to consider if you want to do the same thing!

The fun, connections, and marketing the Dreamer's Manual podcast has brought into my business has been an incredible journey - and one that I'm so grateful for.

The podcast has also given me some unexpected gifts like stepping more fully every episode into my own expertise - and the confidence to show up in other places online - like TikTok and IG Live!

So whether you have a podcast idea you'd like to bring to the world, love peeking behind the scenes to see what the first year of our podcast was really like, or want to celebrate with us - today's episode is for you!


Starting a podcast: book I recommend: Start a Binge-Worthy Podcast by Krystal Proffitt

Content creation book I recommend: Content 10x by Amy Woods and Chris Ducker

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