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Our Passive Income Report - December 2021
27th January 2022 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#226: How would you summarize your 2021? Are you happy with what you have accomplished, or do you feel like a failure? Would you have done differently? These are just a few questions that might have come up as the year ended. 

In today's episode, Russ and Joey take us through the highlights of their financial freedom journey and what plans they have for the future. As they share the lessons they have learned with each undertaking, they hope to inspire more people to take action and start the journey to financial freedom. If you are tired of trading your time for money, this episode is for you. 

December 2021 Income At-A-Glance:  

Gross Income for December: $111,258.30

Total Expenses for December: $60,431.66

Total Net Profit for December: $50,826.64

Difference b/t November & December: $14,048.12

% of net profit to overall gross revenue: 46% 

Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom:

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