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TCA Ep907: Dr Vicky Forster On How Craft Beer Is Good, The Leafs Are Good & The Vaccine For Kids Is Good!
27th November 2021 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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On this edition of the podcast we're thrilled to welcome back our friend Vicky Forster with all sorts of things - important and not - on the agenda.

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So much to get to with Vicky on this one including some of her recent craft beer adventures, a fairly unpleasant encounter with the Canadian winter, a great start for the Toronto Maple Leafs, whether it's time to give Jack Campbell his extension with the Buds, concerns over the new omicron variant of the virus, some important facts for parents to keep in mind about why the vaccine is safe for children, whether Ontario is on pace for a 5th wave, how you should approach Christmas with your vaccinated extended family, Vicky's run in with a Trumpy Karen at an Arizona Coyotes game and plenty more.

We love it when Vicky makes time for us and we're so glad she joined the show again today.

You can find her article on making the vaccine less painful for kids here:

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