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389 Photo Therapy #27 What's In Our Bags?
Episode 3896th September 2023 • Photo Business Help - Intuitive Photography Coaching for Photographers • Natalie Jennings
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Ever wondered how to equip yourself as a photographer? Audrey and I bring you a down-to-earth chat about the practical approach to photography equipment and what we bring to our lifestyle, branding, and wedding shoots. It's not just about the camera. We underline the necessity of having not only a primary but also a backup camera, spare batteries, SD cards, a charger, and a few unexpected essentials. You'll hear why we always have a fanny pack, scissors, a family list, a timeline, and of course, snacks at hand. Plus, we shed light on why our camera bag is our constant companion and the significance of being ready for any curveball.

Curiosity piqued about our gear choices? We delve into our proven tools and discuss why they are our go-to picks. From choosing the right camera strap to the advantage of using a rolling bag for flights - we lay bare our personal preferences. Audrey even explains why she remains loyal to the DSLR camera in the sea of mirrorless options. It's all about discovering what suits you best and not falling prey to materialism or commercial hype. So, buckle up, whether you're a veteran photographer or a newbie, there are nuggets of wisdom waiting for you in this episode.

Key Takeaways

  • 0:00 - Equipment and Approach to Photography
  • 12:38 - Photography Gear and Preferences

Memorable Quotes

"It's not about having the latest and greatest gear; it's about finding what works best for you and your unique shooting style."
"I'm so glad that you were the mentor that I like first found, because you instilled in me this feeling of like it's all fine, it's not a big deal, just come prepared, you're great, like you don't have to do the most and be so extra."
"Don't let the consumerism fool you. You can take a great photo with what's in your hand. You totally can, absolutely."

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