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Episode 17: Solomon: The Wise Man Who Had No Answers
14th September 2016 • This Is WholeLife • WholeLife Church Media Productions
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Everything is meaningless! Take a brief stroll through the pages of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes and imminent doom and gloom are likely to follow your journey. But should this be the case? We tend to avoid what don’t understand and Solomon doesn’t make it easy to wrestle through the everything is meaningless narrative. However, we find an amazingly simple truth and begin to see a different side of Solomon that might explain his drudgery.

We welcome our special guest and last weeks speaker, Dr. Don Williams, from Adventist Univeristy of Health Sciences to the program this week. His unique insight into this subject can also be found in his book, A Time for Every Season (Available at Amazon:, which deals with the questions of Ecclesiastes through story telling.

We will not be having church this upcoming week at the Hospital Church and will instead be joining Florida Hospital at Calvary Assembly Church for a 150 Year Celebration of Adventist Healthcare. We will be back the following Saturday to continue our Journey Through Ecclesiastes series and episode 18 of the podcast.

Join us each week on Wednesday as we take a look back at the prior weeks message for unique takeaways, added perspective, and a peek at the upcoming message at the Florida Hospital Church. To find the message from this weeks discussion, go to our website:

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Thank you for joining us and we will see you next week!

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