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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 42, 20th September 2018
Marketing your podcast to the TOP! [Episode 42]

Marketing your podcast to the TOP! [Episode 42]

So you want to have a hit podcast that brings you meaningful monthly income, do you?

No worries.

That's easy.

Just build an amazing, high-quality show and produce four amazing, high-quality episodes every week.

And then build your audience to 50,000.

If you do that, you have potential revenues of $5K a month. Not enough for most people to seriously considering quitting their day job over. But still meaningful.

Only... what sort of ad budget would you need to get 50,000 people to sign up quickly to listen to your show?

Oof. More than you'll make.

Listen to this episode and I'll give you the math. Sorry in advance!

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