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Trailer12th February 2021 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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Delma: This is Delma Jackson.

Shadiin: And I’m Shadiin Garcia and welcome to our new podcast Dive-In-Justice.


This podcast is for you… 

If you love the idea of building intentional community,

If you love history and pop-culture,

If you want to dream into a society where intersectionality is baked in,

Then dive in with us.

Shadiin: Know this. People of every background are welcome.

 We move through the world as Black and Brown people, and that’s the perspective we’re invoking.

This is especially for Black and Brown people who understand and have lived oppression, but aren’t defined by that lived oppression.

If you’re White, you’re welcome to listen - but not extract, as we’re not centering whiteness in this podcast. 

Delma: With so many podcasts available, let's be clear about why folks give Dive-In-Justice a listen?

Shadiin:   We need this show because we’re not there yet. Because we need to dive at injustice from all angles until the work is done. We humans are hard-wired to live in communities, and many of us find ourselves in communities that are not of our own choosing or design. 

Delma: Folks on the left can be hard on each other.

We all have our collective and individual traumas, histories as individuals, communities, ethnicities.

We often bring that trauma to bear in spaces of community.

It can tear us up from the inside out.

Shadiin: So then Who we are? And who we are to one another? ANd who are we to launch this pod?


We are long time facilitators, long time researchers, activists

Scholars, smokers, swearers, drinkers, parents

From communities for whom mainstream is ashamed to claim

Shadiin: In each podcast, you can expect hard truths and irreverence

We’ll be accountable to each other and our guests.

We’ll laugh, cry, cuss, fuss, explore, and dream.

Delma: We’ll talk about how the past informs the present, and time is circular. 

We’ll use current events to highlight historical trajectories. We’ll remind ourselves and each other that while life will surprise us, we’ve probably been here before and it’s how we respond to the moment that will define us for generations to come. 


We’re inviting you to dive-in with us as we make sense of justice with one foot in reality and another foot in imagination.

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