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Cyber Humanity - Immersive Labs EPISODE 33, 16th February 2021
33: Parler’s proper privacy palaver
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33: Parler’s proper privacy palaver

Have you ever lost an irretrievable password? Max knows that pain – as does a certain programmer from San Francisco who is one lost password away from $250million in Bitcoin. Ouch...

Next up, the Parler palaver. Trump has been 'de-platformed' and Parler is seeing huge back-lash for its role in recent political happenings.

And just when you thought you'd had enough of it, we come back round to SolarWinds. Kev delves into the third malware strain directly involved in the SUNBURST attack: SUNSPOT.


Lost Bitcoin:


Parler deplatforming:




"Hacking" Titan 2FA: