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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 32, 10th July 2021
Terry Cutler: Cyber Security-The Ethical Hacker

Terry Cutler: Cyber Security-The Ethical Hacker

S1: E32: Terry Cutler: Cyber Security-The Ethical Hacker


Terry Cutler joins Playing Devil's Advocate and scares the dickens out of Kelly as he reveals the minimum information for criminals to hack you and hold your life hostage. Let's take a moment to be thankful he is on our side.

Special Guest

Terry Cutler - Government approved professional ethical hacker - nationally recognized

Time Stamps


[00:25-This Is Some Scary Sh**]

[05:08-Meet Terry]

[36:43 - Protect Yo Stuff]

Key Takeaways

*Terry's cybersecurity skills are ninja strong with superpowers

*Staying in the lead on security is a full-time job

*Users are a criminal's gateway drug

*Ransomware - your life gets kidnapped

*Bitcoin is difficult to trace because It is designed to be anonymous

*Bitcoin is the digital version of the Boiler Room movie

*If you are on the internet, you are a target

*Pass the hash is now a party foul

*You are not doing enough for cybersecurity <- Read that again

*Internet of Things has you dialed in

*Alexa is a shady tramp

*Your IT Guy is not trained in cybersecurity

*EDR technology prevents Ransomware

*This is the most expensive lesson you will ever learn

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Schedule a Meeting with Terry:  https://www.cyologylabs.com/calendar