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Ep. 15 - Levi Downey - Music Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist!
Episode 1517th August 2021 • Gig Stories with Music People • Evan Mykl Chudnow
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A podcast for musicians, music lovers, and anyone who loves a good story! In-depth discussions about the music industry & gig life with a variety of musicians & creatives from all over the world!


Ep. 15 - Levi Downey

Levi Downey is a music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. A self-described band nerd turned pop music producer, Levi started as a saxophone player in the Pacific Northwest and later moved to LA after discovering a love of music production. He has performed in musical groups ranging from small jazz combos, to rock bands, grupos de cumbia, calypso, salsa, balkan, and even a "marching band from outer space."

Performing and touring with these acts allowed Downey to experience the ups and downs of gigging life while being fortunate enough to perform alongside other notable groups and artists including, The Coup, The Flaming Lips, Kumbia Kings, Delhi 2 Dublin, Rebirth Brass Band, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and many more!

Levi now primarily works out of his Koreatown studio producing for a wide range of artists. You can find him on instagram @blevidowney or his website


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