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DIJ S2 Ep 8: Seeking Ourselves, Saving Ourselves, Soldiering, and Shaping our Power in our Poetry w Lt. Col. Adrian Massey
Episode 811th February 2022 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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Delma & Shadiin open the episode reflecting on Delma's obvious high quality as reflected by the quality of his guests.

Shadiin complains about having to confess her pettiness first as they dive into notions of retribution and rest. Delma confesses to being often on a high moral horse when working with white people and they discuss the benefits and setbacks of leveraging white guilt.

DIJ welcomes Lt. Col. Adrian Massey to the show. Adrian is a lifelong friend of Delma's and has spent almost two decades serving in the US Army. Adrian takes us on a journey through his challenges and triumphs. He reflects on freedom, friendship, and faith and the power of poetry to "break up" otherwise barren soil.





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