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How to stop worrying about what others think
Episode 121st September 2021 • Highly Sensitive Healing • Tonya Rothe
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As a highly sensitive person if you worry about what others think then this is the episode for you!

Everyone wants to be liked, appreciated and loved but positive nurturing relationships can be hard to find as highly sensitive people. Maybe like me, you grew up in a family that couldn’t or wouldn’t support your emotional needs so you have a strong need for reassurance and validation. Or maybe just living life as an HSP you’ve learned to judge yourself too harshly and it's affected your self-esteem so you have a lack of confidence and fear of rejection.

As HSPs it’s too easy for us to overthink and overanalyze ourselves into an unhealthy state of mind. 

Here are 5 ways to take back your power and free yourself from caring about what others think!

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