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My BIGGEST FAILURES that led to Success
13th May 2023 • Pat Miller Show® Podcast • Pat Miller
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Have you ever listened to another entrepreneur's success story where failure hasn't been part of the equation? I don't mean a big "fall flat on your face" moment, though that happens sometimes too. I'm talking about the jobs we didn't get or the experiences we just missed that led to us creating our own paths and landing in a much more successful place.

How did you become an entrepreneur? As I reflect on my own journey, often the good things that have happened in my career have come out of failure. And I wouldn't change the lessons learned for anything!

Also on this episode:

  • Trade Shows / ROI / Lead Generation - How do you make trade shows and expos count? Many attend but sometimes few will stop at your booth. Learn from Matt Wellner, Director of Sales and Client Experience with Krueger Communications as he shares what he does to make an impact at trade shows and attract attendees to register and grow leads.
  • Speaking / Branding - Amber Griffiths, Maker of Legends and Brand Strategist for Your Brand by Design is giving us all her tips on becoming an unforgettable and sought-after keynote speaker! Hint: it's all about the experience and owning your signature delivery.
  • Announcement - It's the Event of the Year!! I've got the entire scoop on the Idea Collective Small Business Conference Retreat coming up in November. Who are the keynote speakers? How can you get involved? And why should you attend?

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