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Hear Your Intuition with Heather Dressel
Episode 2999th March 2022 • Plan Simple with Mia Moran • Mia Moran
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“Your intuition is always looking out for what is best for your highest good.” –Heather Dressel

What does your intuition sound like? Heather Dressel’s here to talk about hearing your intuition — and acting on it. Creating the space to hear our intuition is why I do what I do. If you have trouble following your intuition or aren’t even sure what you should be hearing or feeling, this one’s for you.

Before we get into intuition and Heather’s new podcast on that subject, we take a peek at what self-care looks like for her. Because here’s the thing: self-care looks different for all of us, just like intuition. Knowing what you need, not what you’re supposed to do for self-care, is important. And sometimes there’s an overlap of hearing what you need in the moment.

You may be wondering: How do I know that it's my intuition? Or how do I trust my intuition? It’s a learning process because our intuition shows up differently for all of us. It might be a soft voice you hear, something you see in your mind's eye, a gut feeling … You can learn how your intuition shows up by asking questions and paying attention to what you feel.

We talk about: 

  • The difference between intuition and mean girl voices or your inner critic
  • Finding a balance of masculine and feminine energy
  • The power of asking: Is this going to move me forward? and how intuition plays with time
  • Using your intuition with your to do list
  • How healing our energy and not trying to hold all the things can help us hear our intuition
  • Being kind to yourself and seeing the invitation that was offered when you don’t listen to your intuition.


Heather Dressel is the founder of Divinely Sensitive and the Hear Her podcast. Heather is a highly sensitive empath herself, and launched her business to lead a community of women who identify as highly sensitive or empaths or both. Divinely Sensitive provide resources and support as they learn to honor their unique sensitivities and unleash their superpowers. 


Doable Changes from this episode:

  • LEARN HOW YOUR INTUITION COMMUNICATES. One of the things that can be tricky is figuring out what your intuition sounds or feels like, because it’s different for all of us. Start by getting still and quiet and asking a question. Pay attention to the response. Do you hear a voice telling you the answer? Do you feel a tingle in your gut? The more you know how your intuition shows up, the easier it is to tune in and notice it.
  • ASK: IS THIS GOING TO MOVE ME FORWARD? You can ask this question of your intuition about anything. Is writing this article now going to move me forward? Is taking a walk going to move me forward? Is another cup of coffee going to move me forward? Practice asking and listening to the answer you receive.
  • NOTICE WHEN YOU DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. Don’t beat yourself up about not listening to your intuition, but notice when it happens. Get curious. What kept you from listening? Notice the invitation your intuition offered. Notice how things might have been different if you had.





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