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Special Edition - What does confidence mean to you?
Bonus Episode31st May 2022 • Women in Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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This is a special edition of Women In Confidence - I made it before I kick off Season 4

If you are a regular listener of Women In Confidence you know that I ask all my guests the same question, 'What does having confidence mean to you'? If this is your first time listening the podcast, then welcome and lovely to have you here.

In this special edition of Women In Confidence, I have shared the response, to that question, of 4 of my previous guests.

First up is Lucy Piper who is a Director at WorkForClimate and a endurance sport participant - Iron Man, Marathons etc.

Next is Linda Ugelow who is a speaking confidence coach. Linda helps people overcome the fear of public speaking. She is also the author of Delight in the Limelight and has a TikTok video with over 3.6 million views. Linda is the reason why I am now on TikTok.

Next up is Lisa Jayne and she is an expert in confident parenting especially to daughters. She is also the author of The Emotionally Powerful Mother

Last but definitely not least is Bridget Schaeffers who is the Founder of the Yoga Travel Company which offers bespoke yoga and wellness retreats in and in New Zealand.

Thank you to all my guests on Women In Confidence.

If you have enjoyed listening to these clips please let me know by emailing me on

Season 4 goes live on Tuesday 7th June

Vanessa xx