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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 23, 14th August 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Maria Massad, Morningstar
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Product Marketing Insider | Maria Massad, Morningstar

We caught up with Morningstar’s Product Marketing Manager, Maria Massad, and found out why she’s so passionate about storytelling in her role as a PMM, how her experience in demand Gen has helped her career in product marketing, what her top tips are for aspiring product marketers, and how she thinks the role needs to change including her views on the damaging effects of false-empathy, and heaps more.


"The product marketers at Morningstar are putting on two hats essentially. We have our product marketing hat, where we focus on the positioning and the messaging, diving in deep into competitive analyses, making sure that sales is properly enabled with the appropriate teams and collaborating cross-functionally. But we also do a lot of demand generation as well."