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How to help your kids be more CONFIDENT...
Episode 3421st May 2023 • The Confidence Chronicles • Erika Cramer
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Are you struggling to connect with your children and help them become more confident? 
If so, then this episode is for you.

As parents, navigating this world of raising kids in the era of TikTok, Instagram and snapchat - can feel overwhelming af.

And I get so many messages from parents who want to learn how to help their kids become more self-confident and lead themselves (instead of letting themselves be led by peers or social media influencers).
My advice to parents is always the same: If you want your child to be more confident, you must MODEL what confidence looks like.

So in today's episode I wanted to break down HOW we as parents can help our children become more confident, be self-led and empowered.
In the episode I cover the importance of listening to our children so we can gain a deeper understanding of their world, their struggles, and how we can support them. I discuss the urgency of creating and nurturing a strong bond between parent and child, which is crucial for their emotional and mental well-being. Lastly, we dive deep into listening and providing guidance, so we can equip our children with the tools they need to develop into confident, self-assured individuals.

And as always I talk about practical ways to connect with our kids, how past traumas can impact our parenting, and the importance of being a role model for our kids.

If you're wanting to become more present and attuned to your children's needs, this episode is for you.

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