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The One about Sex and Spirituality with Alexandra Roxo [Re-release]
Episode 1418th April 2024 • Adulting with Ebonie The Podcast • Ebonie Allard
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In week's episode I am re-releasing my favourite episode from 2018 in which I speak to Alexandra Roxo, bestselling author, relationships and intimacy coach, and mentor to women.

Listen to us talk about:

  • How we as human beings are messy and amazing
  • How our relationship with our bodies and our relationship with the earth are intertwined
  • How to be an introspective spiritual being AND a relational being who is awake and alive in the world
  • The fact that sex is a fundamental part of who we are, and 
  • The intersection of modern spirituality and sexuality
  • The power of vulnerability and presence and their role in transforming our lives

Plus, ….We talk about how we act as mirrors for each other, and the value of being able to stay the course in the face of difficulty or challenge and TRULY relate to each other.

And, in this week's behind-the-scenes 'The Patron Part about Sex and Spirituality' I look back at this episode and give you an update 6 years on and 'spill the tea' on what Alexandra is up to now.

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Meet Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra Roxo is a bestselling author, relationships and intimacy coach, and mentor to women.

She is passionate about breaking patterns in intimacy that keep us feeling alone, single and stuck.  She brings an in depth background in depth psychology, spirituality, and conscious relationship work to her practice with couples and single women longing to call in and keep love. She  has been featured as a guest speaker on many renowned podcasts and on TV including on three episodes of Netflix's hot show Too Hot To Handle where she was called the "Deeper Connection Queen" supporting singles into finding emotional connection in love, and learning communication skills to deepen intimacy, 

She has also appeared on ViceTV’s Slutever, Epix’s Sex / Life show and at numerous festivals and events worldwide.  She has also been featured in the NY Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, The Guardian, Playboy, InStyle Magazine and many other international publications for her work.

Her latest book DARE TO FEEL:  The Transformational Path of the Heart is out now, full of stories and exercises to help you feel more deeply and in turn love more deeply. Her first book F*CK LIKE A GODDESS: Heal Yourself, Reclaim Your Voice, Stand in Your Power debuted in July 2020 with Sounds True to be #1 new release and bestseller  in 3 categories on Amazon for 3 weeks in a row and was featured on Refinery 29, Pop Sugar, Bustle, and InStyle as a radical guidebook for women longing to feel empowered and inspired in their sexuality and body.

She leads retreats and workshops around the world and sees clients and couples in her coaching practice online and in person.  

She is the mother to a beautiful daughter and life partner to her soul mate dreamboat hunk of a man. Together they live under oak trees drenched with Spanish Moss, spending time by the ocean, drinking tea, and dancing as much as possible.

Fav quotes from this episode:

“We won't ever feel whole or happy if we don't accept our sexuality”

“We have to get to know our own order to show up”

“When we come to this magical earth school, it is to learn this relational way of exploring who we are”

“Dripping things out of your pussy is awesome”

“Why would we have been born into this delicious vehicle and been asked to ignore one of its parts and to shut it down”


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