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Season 6 | Ep 70 | Six Step Client Onboarding Process for Creative Agencies
Episode 704th November 2022 • Agency Blueprint • Robert Patin
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Do you have an onboarding system to help you avoid making costly mistakes? Having a system within your agency is a pivotal piece in your relationship with the client and how they continue working with you.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I expound on the six-step client onboarding process that makes things uncomplicated. They include what you do as the owner and how you involve the team and the client.  

Join us to learn more about these six items that are imperative for your agency. 

Key Questions:   

  • What project management tools have you set up your new client’s project in and is it accessible to all team members? (11:05) 
  • What is your next step when going into a project to make it successful and satisfy the client? (15:40) 
  • What are the things you need to remove from your plate instead of focusing on processes as a small agency? [16:24] 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • Ensure all the legal compliance items are done before starting the onboarding process (1:22) 
  • Have your internal kick-off call and assign your team to the deliverables (2:36) 
  • How to provide your team with the tools they need to be successful (4:37) 
  • Introduce the onboarding questionnaire to engage the client (6:00) 
  • Have the project detailed in your project management tool (10:05) 
  • How to conduct the kick-off call to remind the client of project execution (12:19) 
  • Have a review with your team to ensure everything is clearly documented (14:10)