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156: Sleep Solutions for Insomnia with Naturopathic Doctor Lanae Mullane
13th April 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Hey – did you know that waking up with pain every day is NOT normal? Holly hosts Dr. Lanae Mullane, a Naturopathic Doctor and Director of Nutrition at Vejo. A graduate of Bastyr University’s Naturopathic Medicine Program and a member of both the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, she completed a residency focused in rheumatology in Lansing, Michigan. She utilizes biochemistry, genetics, behavioral change, medical history and member-specific goals to create a truly personalized program for patients. A naturopathic doctor is trained in the fundamentals of health that look at the whole person, looking at sleep, relationships, stress, and disease prevention. During this worldwide reset, listening to our bodies is very important. Dr. Mullane provides support through making her patients active participants in their own healthcare and optimizing their baselines and how their bodies operate. Dr. Mullane shares some of her own practices of stress relief. She highly recommends bio feedback and the importance of breath. This can take the body from fight/flight to rest/digest. She also recommends moving the body every day. This helps the lymphatic system which supports the immune system. Checking in with friends and family frequently for support is very important. Cooking is another way to …… Disconnecting from electronics and be in silence is another way to bring balance during this time. Finding creative time and connecting to the things that relieve stress. Now is the time to reset our mindset! We need to redefine our relationships with our medical support teams and find better ways to communicate our needs. Dr. Mullane’s practice is more focused helping patients understand how to know their bodies better. Right now is the time to take the time to change rituals and routines, evaluate food, sleep, relationships, communications, and see if they’re in alignment. Sleep should be simple and keeping a routine around it is very important. What is your sleep hygiene? Is it dark? Are you shutting off entertainment and getting into a wind down phase? If you’re having a hard time going to sleep, don’t stay in bed, get up and go sit in a chair and read a book until you get tired again. She also recommends progressive muscle relaxation techniques. NO TELEVISION in the bedroom! Food impacts stress as well. Keep in mind that what goes into the body affects digestion. Get things that are frozen, vegetables and fruits. Make soups to put in the freezer. Create meal plans. Do meal prep so that there is a go to instead of snacking during the day. Don’t bring things into the house that are unhealthy. Set boundaries around habits around numbing out. Find ways to celebrate little things and enjoy new routines and structures. Dr. Mullane also has a line of supplements and food options to support a healthy lifestyle. Find out more at Remember to breathe! Create stronger relationships and connects more deeply, move more, and eat to support quality of life. What can be done to support ourselves around more electronics usage. Make sure that your work station is ergonomic, set a work schedule, take plenty of breaks, eat regularly and create boundaries with others in the house around work and personal space. Find out more about about Dr. Mullane and her work at Honor where you are right now, get the support you need. Remember, mindful matters and so do you! For more Everyday Mindfulness shows at Also join Holly on Facebook for the Daily Live show!