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Podcasters, YouTubers, Course Creators Check Out This Video Creation / Editing Software that will save you HOURS!
Episode 12824th October 2022 • Freedom Entrepreneur Podcast • Lindsay Sutherland
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I recently discovered DESCRIPT and I love it! I can't say enough amazing things about this software. I can record videos, edit and transcribe all with one tool.

Previously I was using Audacity to record and edit. Then exporting the file to be uploaded to TEMI to transcribe it (which I had to pay for by the minute). None of this was garnering me a video so I didn't start a YouTube channel because I dreaded the hours of video editing time I would spend. (Not to mention I hate to wear make up. LOL)

In addition to saving me time and money in podcasting, Descript has changed my life with course recordings! I can't tell you how many videos I started and stopped. How many I recorded that never got edited because the process was so lengthy! Descript has radically simplified my content creation!

Visit and check out a tutorial for yourself. Here are the features I love:

-Word Doc style editing. Simply copy and paste words or delete mis-spoke words to edit your video.

-Copy and paste one transcription into another to merge videos.

-Overdub voice-over - a computer-generated voice that sounds SO MUCH like your own voice, it's actually creepy, but super helpful when you make a mistake and don't want to re-record.

-Video, audio, transcription, audiograms...ALL IN ONE!

-Video storage similar to

This software is incredible and will blow your mind.

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Descript Tech Tip Tuesday



I'm your host, Lindsay Sutherland. Thanks for joining me.

Hey Pie tribe welcome back to Tech Tip Tuesday. Today's episode is going to be about a new software I've been using that I am absolutely in love with. I am telling you, I feel like my whole world changed when I learned about Descript. Descript is a software that allows me to record. I'm recording this right now in script.

it is here in just a second. [:

Okay. Let's first talk about the editor, and let me tell you, when it comes to podcasting, typically my process was that I was recording in Audacity. Then I would edit my recording, although I got pretty good to the point where I didn't have to edit. I could just record and then edit as I go. But then I still had to add my intro and outro and so on.

But that wasn't a YouTube video. That was just audio. And then, That was fine, except for when I have a guest. Because when I have a guest, then I would have to edit and then take it a whole nother level. Then I was editing the video in another in iMovie, and it was frankly the reason why I didn't start a YouTube channel.

iting and putting things out [:

I was just doing some YouTube research, I think, and I came across Descript and my mind was literally blown. So if you're familiar at all with Loom, I was using Loom for all kinds of things, and I'm sure we've talked about it on the podcast, how I used Loom videos for training purposes with my VA and so on.

Descript does everything Loom does and so much better. I would always have glitchy issues with videos over 10 minutes if I was gonna edit in their system. It didn't always work out the way I wanted it to. The cool thing about Descript is it's all word doc based. Okay, so for example, when I wanna edit this podcast, when I'm done, it's going to transcribe the audio.

s say that I make a mistake. [:

So for example. This happened one time where I was on an episode recording with a guest and I remember we lost our Zoom connection and there was this long moment of silence while we were waiting for zoom to reconnect us.

And in the [:

When I wanted to figure out how to add my intro, I could not for the life of me figure it out. Well, it's as simple as uploading the file. Transcribing it and then copy and pasting it into it, but it gets even better. You can make full YouTube videos in here. You can add images to your videos so that your audio goes behind, you know, like your audio is talking while the image is playing.

going. This has been a game [:

So that's gonna be for another day. But Descript was one of those integral parts of that pie, of that piece of the pie, and I really, really had to share this with you because it is so transformative. Here's who can benefit from descript course creators, YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers. So bloggers, if you wanna add an element of video to your blog, Oh my stars.

This is makes it so easy. If you wanna create your own course or a free training guide, then you wanna give access to so easy, You will absolutely love descript. I recommend it.

Oh, I can't even believe I almost skipped over this. I know. I'm like, I knew there was a reason I was hanging on here a little longer.

This has [:

Well, with overdub, I can simply highlight the word podcast and click overdub and it will use my voice. The computer generated Lindsay Sutherland to replace the word with the word I intended to say. That was. The top of my brain exploding off because it's so amazing. I cannot tell you how many times I have re-filmed videos because of one simple mistake or two like that.

missed information. So let's [:

Do you wanna hear it? And how good it sounds. Well that my friends, that last sentence was all generated by a computer.

I know. It's mind blowing. . You're gonna love it. Go check out Descript and I will put a link in the show notes below. Uh, get yourself crackin and save yourself so much time on whatever content creation your heart desires. Oh, and by the way, if you're enjoying this podcast, which I hope you are, please be sure to share it with somebody who needs this.

What course? Creator, YouTuber, blogger, someone that you know needs this information. It is a game changer, my friend. You must share this podcast, . All right, thank you so much. Until next time. Bye for now.