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Prayer 2021 - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 250, 9th September 2021
Prayer 2021 - September 9 - Our Rights Under Prayer pt 5
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Prayer 2021 - September 9 - Our Rights Under Prayer pt 5

Scripture For Today:

 Jeremiah 32:16

 “After I had given the deed of purchase to Baruch son of Neriah, I prayed to the Lord…”

Our Rights Under Prayer pt 5

We have been studying about “Our Rights Under Prayer” these last few days. My prayer for you is that your Spiritual eyes are being opened to the power that is available to us through prayer – and that you have a RIGHT – a Spiritual Right – to pray and expect your prayers to be answered. Amen!

We have a special relationship with God that other people in this earth do not have…we have a RIGHT to expect God to answer our prayers!  That may sound pretentious to some…that may sound blasphemous to others…that may sound sinful to even others…but it is TRUE!  Praise God!!!

It’s in His Word!  And if HE put it in HIS WORD – that means HE expects US to BELIEVE IT!  AMEN!  Muslims do not have that right…that is why they hate Christians so much.  Hindu’s do not have that right…that is why they oppress the Christians in their society…the same can be said for different people groups and different religions all around the world….they hate believers as a whole because believers BELIEVE!!! AMEN!

That is what this study in prayer is all about…to get YOU to the place where YOU BELIEVE!!!  And not just to believe it because Pastor Bob says to believe….not just to believe because some other preacher told you it should be so…YOU have to believe because GOD said it was so!  AMEN?!

How do we know that God said it?  We have to go to His Word….so let’s do that….

First, you have to believe in the Covenant the way Jesus believed in the Covenant…the way Abraham believed in the Covenant… the way God BELIEVES in the Coventant….it is NOT just a one sided deal!  God established the Covenant with man and with Abraham so that “Whosoever believes…” is able to enter the Covenant.  And when a Covenant person does what the Covenant requires and refused to compromise….they receive what the Covenant says they can have.

Go to Luke 13:16 and see how Jesus operates in this Covenant for the benefit of someone else…even when the religious leaders of the day said “you are not supposed to believe that way…”

This woman was a daughter (or descendant) of Abraham.  She was a Covenant person.  Which means any one of those so called preachers in her day could have prayed for her healing before God and God would have honored their prayer…but didn’t.  Jesus did.  And he (and she) got the results.  Which means SHE BELIEVED she was supposed to be healed.  She probably believed it all along…but NOBODY joined their faith to hers in agreement and interceded on her behalf to God…so they just left her to suffer…until Jesus showed up one day…

Let’s Pray! 

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