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Reality Television and the Documentary Filmmaker
Episode 13721st August 2020 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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It wasn't that long ago when reality television was a dirty word that incited some pretty strong feelings among the documentary filmmaking crowd. However, non fiction television has come a long way in the past few years.

Of course, don't take my word for it. Take it from fellow documentary filmmaker, Joe Litzinger, who is the executive producer of some of non fiction tv's most well known and respected (did I say respected?) shows.


Topics Discussed

  • host Chris G. Parkhurst talks about how documentary filmmakers can use their abilities to advantage in other avenues of production
  • why doc filmmakers are well suited for reality television
  • how one procures work in the reality tv industry
  • the advantages of shooting a documentary film over reality tv
  • how reality television supports Joe Litzinger's documentary life


Additional Resources

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Behind the Scenes for Life Below Zero


Continuing the Discussion with The D-Word



Today's episode is only the beginning of the conversation. Now it's time to have your voice heard, #doclifer!

So where can you do this?




The D-Word began in 1996 as a series of online journal entries by filmmaker Doug Block depicting the joy and angst of making and selling his feature documentary, Home Page. In the words of Mr. Block, "it was meant to inform, inspire, humor and depress the hell out of working or aspiring documentary filmmakers, or anyone else interested in the filmmaking process, for that matter!"

We had Doug on the show way back in EPISODE #105, where he discussed those early days working as an independent documentary filmmaker. And how this would lead him to creating the first incarnation of The D-Word.

The D-Word has long-since evolved into a virtual community and is now the largest, longest-running one of its kind, currently numbering more than 19,000 members from 147 countries. 

Its focus is now on hosting free discussions on documentary film and production and leading a documentary life. Sound familiar?

Get started with The D-Word today, by completing their free APPLICATION.


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