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Leaders are Learners
Episode 4329th April 2021 • The Art of Leadership • Dr. Niña Ellison
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Leaders are learners

There is more than meets the eye when seeking to add value to others

In every profession, our values impact our decision making as leaders.

The values you and I as leaders embrace create structure and meaning in our work.

Putting your values first impacts your decision making in a way that enables you to gain a consistency in your leadership no matter the circumstance.

How willing we are to understand others and what they value…. what matters to them. 

Being a leader is not as much about me as it is understanding and empowering those I lead.

Going deeper leaders learn that adding value is even more than strategy or process. It is certainly more than the idea of clicking on a radio button in your mind that you are adding value. 

One of the challenges for you and for me as we seek growth as leaders who add value to others is the continual pursuit of the awareness of our assumptions.

At times this kind of critical thinking can be a solo activity, but I believe it must be balanced with experiences such as Round Tables where new ideas, new concepts, a heightened awareness of what we value becomes evident and lends authority to our decision making as leaders.  

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