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Congregation Beth Hallel and Rabbi Kevin Solomon - Congregation Beth Hallel EPISODE 30, 3rd October 2020
Peace, Fruit
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Peace, Fruit

Sukkot is a fruit harvest festival and for the past couple of years, each message has focused on a different fruit of the Spirit. Join Rabbi Kevin Solomon as he takes us through the Scriptures digging into the fruit of peace. What is it? How do we cultivate it? And why is it important to discover its true meaning? 

Key Scriptures:

Ex. 23:16; Lev. 23:39-40; Deut. 16:15; Josh. 8:31; Isaiah 9:5-6; Matt. 7:15-20; John 14:27; 16:33; Rom. 5:1; 8:6; Gal 5:13-15, 22-25

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