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Truthspresso - truthspresso EPISODE 10, 9th September 2019
Revenge of the Extroverts
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Revenge of the Extroverts

To relieve possible tension from you extroverts who may have been ruffled by the previous episode, we allow extroverts to voice their own advantages over introverts. We hope extroverts will appreciate this modest attempt to bow down to some ways in which you are superior to introverts.

Remember: this episode and the last one are for entertainment purposes only!

Five advantages of extroverts include

  1. Extroverts are more likely happier
  2. Extroverts are often more outwardly health conscious
  3. Extroverts create wider social networks in business
  4. Extroverts synergize a lot more
  5. Extroverts statistically earn more money

Articles cited in this episode:

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