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S01 EP10: At least you didn't...cause a scene in a war zone...with Caroline Verdon and Annabelle Buckland
Episode 104th May 2021 • At least you didn't... • Under the mast
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Yes. That's right. On this weeks episode find out how Caroline created her own catchphrase. I don't mean something cool like 'Caroline, she never puts all her eggs in one basket' I mean something awful. Really REALLY awful. And it's stuck, for life.

You can also find out EXACTLY why Annabelle gives an 'f' aaaaand find out exactly how Caroline caused a pretty big scene in a war zone. You cannot take her anywhere

Also we hear from the lovely Bronte from London who got in touch to share her utterly humiliating (and hilarious) story about what happened to her in a Zumba class. We laughed SO HARD. In a thoroughly supportive way, obvs.

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