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Episode 1 – Coral Reef Fishery in Palau
Episode 124th May 2024 • Our Shared Ocean Podcast • Our Shared Ocean Programme
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In our first episode we visit Palau, a small island nation in the western Pacific to meet researchers from the Palau International Coral Reef Centre (PICRC), whose conservation efforts focus on understanding biodiversity and addressing human impact on coral reefs and marine ecosystems. E. Ikelau Otto, Chief Researcher provides a fascinating oversight into the regions bio-geography and environmental issues while highlighting the cultural significance of conservation in Palau.

We learn about the vital work of the PICRC which co-ordinates local and regional coral reef monitoring efforts to ensure national objectives are met and about the importance of understanding how ecosystems and species diversity are influenced by the natural cycles of sun and moon.

Dr. Piera Biondi and Christina Karanassos discuss their own research including a project supported and funded by the Our Shared Ocean programme. Their study entitledAssessing the reproduction and status of a key reef fishery species, the longnose emperor (Lethrinus olivaceus), to inform fisheries management in Palau', will monitor vulnerable fish species of ecological and commercial significance. Reef fisheries are an important part of the local culture, economy, and food security in many Pacific Island nations, however, effective management decisions are often hindered by a lack of biological information on target species. The study aims inform a new reef fisheries management plan and improve management of Palau’s reef fisheries resources.


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