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159. Emily Lee - The Importance of Staying Grounded
Episode 1597th February 2020 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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In today’s episode, Lance introduces Emily Lee.  Not only did she obtain her Bachelor in Kinesiology, she’s also a Master Spin Instructor, Yoga Instructor & Co-Founder of Conscious Cookie Co. Throughout the hustle & bustle of making Conscious Cookie, Emily realized how important it really is to stop, relax, breathe & reflect.  Tune in to hear how both Lance & Emily believe yoga & meditation are important factors in making your life more peaceful.


Emily answers with, “Adversity has taught me the importance of taking time each day to relax, breathe & reflect.”


  • [00:05:23] Emily’s Backstory
  • [00:12:09] Initial Thoughts Going into the Cookie Business
  • [00:14:33] What Challenges Were Faced in the First Year & a Half of Business?
  • [00:20:57] When Did Emily Realize the Cookie Business Wasn’t for Her?
  • [00:36:14] Emily’s Plans as an Entrepreneur

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