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Transforming Lives Through Yoga, Wellness and Unconditional Love with Melissa Ross, #759
Episode 75918th April 2023 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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In this episode, Kellan and guest Melissa Ross discuss the topic of resilience and how it can help us navigate life's challenges. We explore Melissa's journey, who turned her passion for yoga and working with children into a thriving business. Melissa shares her message of unconditional love and acceptance while teaching children that they are perfect just as they are.

They delve into the importance of teaching children to listen to their bodies and develop tools to handle adversity. The discussion highlights how children can learn to navigate challenges with grace, moving away from victimhood and embracing a positive mindset. By teaching these strategies and fostering a healthy understanding of their bodies, children can navigate life's challenges in a more resilient and empowered manner. The conversation also touches upon the role of parents in breaking the cycle of passing down barriers and fostering a supportive environment for growth and learning.

They also discuss how affirmations can be used to foster self-love, kindness, and calmness in our daily lives and how these practices can be passed on to children to help them develop a strong sense of self.

Listeners will leave this episode feeling inspired and empowered to cultivate their own resilience and face life's challenges with strength and grace.

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