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FlowChat & $100K Club Founder - Chris Baden on Expert Talk 9@9
Episode 257th September 2021 • Expert Talk with TGo • Theresa Goss
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Let's Go, FLOW and Chat with Chris as he shares the secrets to taking action to grow your business by breaking through your comfort zone and stop making excuses on this episode of Expert Talk 9@9!

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Hey everybody, welcome to the show. You know where you are, the 9@9with me TGo. And today we got some fun stuff coming up. We're going to talk about Flow and go and chating. And, but more important than that. It's the finals for American ninja warriors. And we got our own ninja warrior the Flow Ninja is here. What's up Chris What's going on?.

TGo is great to see you. How are you doing? I am Having a blast because you are now here. And you know, I'm going to call you the flow ninja from now on that's it let's Go. I love it. I love it. We all need a little bit more flow. That's good. What do you think about this? You know,

15 year olds are now like killing the course out there for American ninja warrior. It's crazy. So season three, four in six, where the seasons of American ninja warrior that I got to compete on and a good friend of mine totally twisted my arm and got me started. His first was season two and he did it for seven years. And we were actually just talking about this a couple months ago because his kids are now competing in American ninja warrior junior.

And it is crazy. The how it's all grown. People got all this stuff in their backyard. There's gyms across the country. And as you'd imagine, the competition just keeps, keeps going up. These kids, these young kids are crazy fast. One specific example is the, the little shake gap. You know, when you're like you grab and then you pull and then you fly across to grab like another pole.

So I've done a 10 foot gap before, and that's, that's pretty far for, for most, but there's these young kids. Now they're doing that one handed. What are we talking about? It's crazy. And a good friend of ours, Rhino Julie. She even has an, a ninja gym here in Las Vegas. So it's, it's crazy.

It's crazy time. So wait, we got to get a kid updates. Are, wait, are your kids going to do ninja? I, you know, so speaking of Julie, she makes it all happen. So we get to go. If Julie ever watches this what's up, Julie, thank you for being awesome. We get to hang out in her gym and do some ninja stuff and the kids do those obstacles for sure.

Yeah. Yeah. Awesome, man. Okay. Now we've got to get back to business because you know, our producer is sitting over there going, and we're supposed to be talking about business, not ninja warrior. So before we get to the flow, let's talk about the kids what's going on. I know they started business number seven by now. Yeah.

Okay. So update their they've. They've had their feel-good pizza. They make their own dough and ingredient there, and then they have their, their customer base and we've got all the footage of them putting that together and doing the food costs and then going and delivering it. It's kind of like, oh, we're still, yeah. We're still with me.

Cool, cool. Yeah. Kind of like pop in Murphy style, you know, or it's like, you give it to them and then they, then the customer will bake it. And so that's, that's the current setup, but they have a new one TGo. Okay, I'm ready. What is it? What is it? They're now making video ads for e-commerce businesses.

They have to wait, are they on camera? They're on camera. In fact, there was a re there, the recent commercial that they did, they, they have an ad saying that, Hey, Hey, for 10 bucks, we're going to do your next ad video. And so they're there. The last one they did was a company called tea oceans.

So they, they have tea and they did like an unboxing and they're smelling it and then they're taste doing a taste test. And so you just see the, you know, those five and three-year-old, that are just funny and have some personality interacting with this product, which makes you want more of it. And so we're, I mean, we're doing it's $10,

right. You know, they'll, they'll run ad campaigns and make thousands tens, tens of thousands of dollars just with the ad alone. So it it's a really cheap price, but you get to see these, these kids that are just funny and can say these ridiculous lines interact with the product. And so people are taking it. Okay. You gotta tell him that that Aunt TGo is going to hire him because we are printing our magazine for the very first time in like 17 years of doing digital magazines.

It's at the printer right now. So when we get it back from the printer, I want to hire him reading the magazine and giving their review. Oh yeah, we're good. We're getting back next week. So tell him, I TGos hired him to be our magazine reviewers. I want to see it. I leave it totally up to their creative control and their expertise.

That's going to be awesome. I love that. Fantastic. That'd be awesome. Some really good lines for you. Okay. Now, before I get hate mail, let's get into flows, you know, the, the whole flow chat and the whole thing. And what is it and what are we doing? Go Yes. is very simple to sales.

It's a sales tool. It's really good at finding your perfect ideal customer. Whoever you want to talk to more. It finds those people on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and you can build a lead list in seconds. And then we engage that lead list via chat, direct messaging and Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, it's working fantastic. We're using flow chat to sell flow chat.

It's a software, the license we did just over $105,000 in sales last month. And we have still, we own, but it's just a checkout page right now. So we don't have a full functioning website. We don't have funnels. We have no marketing. We're doing zero and ads. It is just reaching out and chatting people. And when you find the right people and you treat them the way you want to be treated and you,

and you build a relationship and know like, and trust, it's crazy. What, how fast you can grow a company. Okay. Wait, slow up. Flow chat, reaching out to people through Facebook and like Linkedin & Instagram. Yes. So we're able to build that lead list like in Facebook groups or anyone that likes any post, a comment or any ad on any of the platforms they like that we can,

we can pull that list of people that are engaging with your content or someone else's content. We can build very strategic lists of who we want to build relationship with future clients. Maybe we're looking for people big talent to interview for our show or have them on our show, or maybe we're looking to fill our challenges or our summits that you're running, or w w every business has its own conversation.

And the more conversations you have, the more sales you have. And so what flow chat does is help you have more of the profitable conversations from a lead generation and acquisition part of your business. It's very, very powerful, and it's just chat. So it's free. So the software isn't free, but the processes, yeah. It's not a bot.

It's not a bot Spam. You're not spamming people and doing crazy things saying, come buy this, you know, this pen for $10 or something crazy. You're not doing that. You're actually building relationship. Yeah. Re high connection, high rapport, not we not automated. We're focused on building real relationships that are solving real problems. So for somebody who is a small business or a big business,

who's your target audience? Who's the perfect customer. Yeah. Primarily like agency owners, service-based businesses, companies that are, are doing, you know, half a million to even $10 million per year in sales are, you know, the common demographic, although we can serve, you know, multiple markets And for the people that are driving down the street right now,

or listening on audio, going, wait a minute. What, how do I find you? What do I do? Can you tell them how to find you? Yes. is a great place to start. And also go on Facebook, look for our Flow Chat, official community Facebook group. That is the perfect place to go, to get in contact with us and our team.

And you have your own show cause I was on your show. So if someone wants to connect with you, how do they connect? Facebook is also great. Chris Baden on, on Facebook is fantastic. You guys can send me a message. You can see a picture of me and my wife and Flow Chat everywhere. That'd be the great place to connect.

You know, guys, I give this guy a hard time, the time, but I love hanging out with Chris. He is, he is our flow ninja for real. And, and he's a super cool dude and a super dad. Really Allen Really?, You guys go check out if you know, Flow Chat is awesome. I love Chris Baden.

Awesome guy to hang out with you. Its also awesome to be on his show. I'm serious about hiring his kids. You're going to see that video of the kids reviewing her magazine for the first time. It's going to be in print as always. Thank you for watching. I hope you be here next time. I'm TGo I'll talk to ya next time. See y'all on the next 9@9.